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desire path

"Desire Path is a contemporary exploration of gestural trace. repetitive form and the space that exists between the two, impelled by the drive within to mark a personal path. These new works by Andrew Vass and Nuala O'Donovan present a glimpse into the landscape of the inner self - the repetitions, retracing, constructions and layerings, which form the structure of our thought process. Vass's drawings plot the paths between vision and decision, creating an intricate matrix of trace, line, erasure and space. While O'Donovan's complex sculptures develop from the repetitive application of fractal scale. Both artists move between the space of their inner world and the space of the perceptual world, looking for the right path to take."

Jane Boyer. ARTHOUSE1 art writer, artist and curator. May 2015 

ARTHOUSE1 Gallery, Bermondsey, London, U.K.

Joint exhibition with painter Andrew Vass. Curated by Rebecca Fairman & Jane Boyer.

June 5th - July 11th 2015






Free of Colour

August 14th - September 5th 2015  

Tansey Contemporary Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.A.



SOFA Chicago 2015, U.S.A.

November 2015 




In Residence

Oliver Sears Gallery, Fitzroy Square, London, U.K. 

October 2015