This website is a fan page of Nuala O’Donovan’s work. Nuala O’Donovan is a visual artist living and working in County Sligo, Ireland. Nuala O’Donovan's work explores how nature forms patterns around us while also asking questions about human perception of patterns.

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Nuala O’Donovan’s work centers
on the study of patterns in
nature and the history behind a
scarred or broken surface.

Her paintings and drawings are made using paint, graphite, and paper collage.
She begins her work by photographing all-natural forms such as flowers,
shells, nests, and bones. Then she distorts them in software before printing the images
onto acetate sheets. The final composition is then deconstructed into a print
representing the subject's underlying fractal structure.


A striking example of fractal structure is her "Chrysalis" series, which features the artist's interpretation of a chrysalis. The resulting drawings are delicate patterns that bear a resemblance to butterfly wings. In "Aurora," Nuala applies this technique to light itself, rendering it a delicate filigree of lighting originating from a central point.

In another series, "The Book of Life," Nuala depicts the inside of books as complex structures. She photographs the pages, and hexagonal page patterns become the basis for her drawings. In this way, Nuala's work highlights our obsession with nature by depicting it through a computerized lens that breaks it down to an orderly set of shapes.

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The Reason Behind

This series is about our obsession
with crystals, colors, and geometry,
whether in science (the pattern of DNA),
history (the golden ratio), or religion.

It is also about the nature of pattern in general, how it impacts on our lives and the way we design things.She I wanted to investigate the nature of order and how people in different cultures try to impose their idea of order on the world, in terms of pattern design.

Nuala O’Donovan's work explores the way that nature forms patterns around us, while also asking questions about human perception of pattern. She has exhibited her paintings and drawings in numerous national and international shows over the past 13 years, including being awarded the first prize for painting at China International Art Fair Beijing (CART) 2011

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