Why I started Fan Page
of Nuala O’Donovan
& About Me

My Interest in Art Galleries

I became a fan of Art Galleries while browsing the internet a few years ago. There were a couple of excellent articles, and I decided to print them out and paste them on my wall in an art gallery form.

Then I got curious, how many galleries do we have? Is there a place that contains all Art Galleries worldwide? I started to explore the web, searched for "art galleries list," and found some galleries on Wikipedia. The art world is expanding rapidly, and all kinds of new galleries pop up every day. In this process, the discovered the art of Nuala O’Donovan.

Why Nuala O’Donovan's work?

I became a fan of O'Donovan's work after reading an article about her in The Irish Times. O'Donovan is one of the rising stars on the contemporary art scene in Ireland! Her paintings are wonderful; they can be classified as modern impressionism with a twist.

She adds surreal elements to natural life scenes creating unique masterpieces. O'Donovan graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin and later studied at the Slade School of Fine Art in London. Her paintings can be found in many private and public collections across Europe and America.

What makes Nuala O’Donovan's work unique?

Nuala O'Donovan depicts surreal images of everyday life. She works with oil on board, focusing on strong composition, vivid colors, and dramatic perspectives.

Her work is very personal, but everyone can appreciate her paintings! O'Donovan adds human figures to her paintings that act as if they are taking part in the scene. This makes her work highly relatable and recognizable to the audience. Her paintings are full of details that create interesting stories awaiting discovery!

How do I collect art in general?

Collecting art is one of my favorite hobbies! Over the years, I've gathered a nice collection of contemporary impressionist paintings, which you can see on Fine Art Today. I'm not a millionaire, so I can't afford to buy thousand-dollar paintings daily. But I still have some great tips for you if you want to start your collection or expand your existing collection!

Buy what you love - collecting art is all about having fun! If you are an Art Lover, you should follow your heart and buy only the pieces that make you happy for your collection to be successful.

Buy what you can afford - don't put yourself under pressure! Collecting art is an amazing hobby, but it's not about how much money you spend; it's all about having fun with your family and friends. If possible, try to invest in young but already successful artists. They are not that expensive, and their work will likely increase in value over time!